Danzigerstr. 101


Rays of light. Finally.

Hot Earl Gray tea and some vitamins.

Birds chirping. Green grass is my open view.

Lovely morning. Indeed.

(that woman from yesterday reminded me of my high school philosophy teacher).


2nd week

Finally I am used to my new ‘adopted’ home.

To be honest, first week was quite hard. Space limitations, washing difficulties, cold air both day and night no metter if the doors are open/closed.

This Monday morning I feel peacefull, looking forward to read and host few guests.

Play cards with Amy.


Danziger Strasse is right in front with many cars passing by, but I feel that I do not belong.

Outside is a completely different reality.


My house and me are inserted in all these places. Some of them are more familiar then the others, but all together they don’t bother me any more.

Today, I know, I DO HAVE my own privacy, atmosphere and intimacy inside these thin walls.


When Amy showed up, she sat down and told me ...

‘I spent 2 weeks walking around London taking pictures of bricks.

Any bricks. Pretty bricks on the walls, on the buildings, floor or street.

I have hundreds of pictures of bricks.

At one point I was gonna print them out and make my own brick wall. But I didn’t do anything with them by the end.‘