Rungestr. 22-24


Pan’s voice is travelling through the pipes.

WUI: This is a physical action. Physical exhibition.

I live with this experience every day. Moving from location to location. Changing feelings.

Putting the screens up and down. Closing and opening the doors. Sleeping, cleaning, urinating, eating, reading, writing, talking.

Being cold, happy and paranoid. Afraid or calm.

Observing, listening, giving.

This is a social work. It is a madical treatment.

In order to go through, I feel I should be taking vitamins every single morning.

I’ve became the installation.

I am the physical part of it.

As the day goes by, what I observe the most is how I’m changing from hour to hour, from day to day, month to month.

Frozen mornings, quiet nights or hectic sunny days.