Heidestr. 14


I thought you will be coming back with the food sooner.

Everytime when someone is running late, because of my ‘dear‘ friend who tends to dissappear so often, I get so paranoid that something bad might have happened.

I’ve started acting like my mother.

WUI: Today my house is a small box of white chocolates. Full of surprises.

It is parked next to the gray metal walls.


No, I do not pay attention to all the music coming out from the videos. I do not even measure their timing anymore.

We are unseparable now.

What I’ve tried to do is to insert one of them, video No.9 – Tujiko Noriko, while the video No.10 – Austin Fisher was playing and it didn’t work.

Maybe in some other occasion it would, but as I’ve already mentioned before the harmony already exists.

There’s no need to mess around with it.