Hanseatenweg 10


This is heaven.

In the morning I wished it was sunny, but now I enjoy this weather much more because everything‘s in its place. Rain drops, quiet Monday morning.

Perfect harmony.

Like Bach’s inventions played by Glenn Gould.

(Makes me think about Sweden).

From the drivers seat I can see S-Bahn passing by...

Perfect day for the exhibition and also for myself.

Thank you Akademie der Künste.

WUI: Yesterday when we’ve parked here we knew it right away that today is going to be a full success.

This morning when I was saying ’bye‘ to Branka and complained about the fact that it’s rainning she said: ‘But it is so beautiful there‘.

Since I’ve started to put everything in order and even before I’ve opened the door of the ‘Taste Of Life‘ I’ve had a few quiet moments to observe the architecture, people with the umbrellas and birds singing in the rain.

It is so calming here. All the parts of this incredible picture create the most fantastic emotional pattern since 27th of February.

I wished I’ve had the scissors to cut these fragments out and bring them inside my house. Then take them out as soon as we get to another location.

Video No.8 - Meredith Monk, belongs to this place. Seems like it was born here. The same thought goes for the musical structure of the Video No.3 – Berglind Agustsdottir. All the little electronic beats floating around the house...

Come and listen!

It‘s all in here.