Wormserstr. 6


Boy oh boy!

I feel so happy today. Sun is shining (thank you Jeest for that wonderful poem), ate souvlaki and I could keep on going like this forever.

Seems like ‘the torture‘ has come to the end.


About the location: Even though this should be ‘the centre of the gravitation‘ in the West Berlin, somehow it seems like it’s not.

Yes we are phisically parked right next to the Kudamm but these people appear to be less ‘cultured‘, less interested.

I was observing the faces and reactions this afternoon and they just didn’t leave any kind of positive traces.

Even the videos feel more abstract here because their own reality is completely different.

Radical difference between the interior of the van and the street is the rhythm that doesn’t fit. In this small interior there is much more space than it seems outside.

One look through the window explains it all.

I’m almost positive that one minute of the video No.6 ‘Animal Collective‘ could cure these peoples moods.