Froebelstr. 15


Wohnmobil is parked today in the courtyard of the Vivantes Klinikum.

It is extremely quiet here, but very unpleasant.

It brings back many ugly memories from the ‘Klinicki Centar’ in Belgrade.

I must stay inside!

Hide myself from those smells and from the walls painted in the pale shade of green, from pyjamas with holes and cardigan slippers, from the exhausted walkers and nicotine patches.

From 1997. and 2003.



Everyone keeps talking about Andy!

Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol, Andy … dy … dy.

Every single day!

Ryan McGuiness and Bill Powers, Brigid Berlin, David Hammons and Steven Stern.

AAAAAll day long!

2nd place takes Joseph Beuys.

3rd goes to Marcel Duchamp.

4th to Sarah Lucas


5th to Tracey Emins tits.