Alexanderstr. 1


Yesterday I’ve told Branka that Friday 13th brings me bad luck.

It always did!

At 2 am such a horrible news, then bad dreams and unsucessfull morning. No electricity, no ausstellung!

Mitte is always a problem.


I don’t like his mean looks and infamiliar talks every time I’m around.

I do not feel protected here.

It’s time to turn the page. Simply, some people do not make me feel happy anymore.


I bought 3 cd’s today.

Cat Power ‘The Covers Record‘ from 2000, David Bowie ‘Diamond Dogs‘ and Aaliyah ‘One In A Million’.

Chan Marshall goes so well with this winter rain.


Yesterday were 16 degrees in New York City. I was immagining how it would feel to be walking again on the Lexington Avenue wearing sun glasses, tea to go in one hand and iPod in my ears.

...because music has always been my savior!