It all started with a complete breakdown.

Mental and physical breakdown.

And then Joi showed up with his sleepy eyes and strong will to help. He wrote ‘‘Taste of Life’ 100m ... 60m ... 20m ...‘ all over the place using all different colors of the chalks.

The people started coming in...

It was nice and it became even better when this 3-4 year old boy stepped in looking around in total confusion.

Keina, Cha Cha and Sergei visited as well.

They’ve brought me the bouquet of yellow roses. Now the tullips aren’t alone anymore...

We ate, laughed, drown on the street.

Around 16:00 it started to rain again. At 17:00 they’ve left.


Here I am again. All alone.

In my Upper East Side apartment in Margaret-Sommer-Strasse.

Inside it is filled with memories and outside big black birds are flying around.