The project ‘Taste of Life’ consists of 12 video pieces.

It was made in New York City between January 2007 and June 2008. The videos are followed by 12 tracks and 12 pages from various published materials. Their main plot is one story about the time spent in and physical absence within a domestic space like an apartment in a big city.

The following are just a few of the questions asked during the creation of these videos:

What is happening in the space when there is nothing physically going on?

…when there is a smell of burned meat in the oven, when there are A4 papers spread all over the floor with a few words written on them.

Is there anything moving - living its own life - while we are sleeping, with our bodies physically in the space but, our minds somewhere else?

After we finish taking a shower and when we turn off the lights in the bathroom, is there anything else living its own life, like the drops of water falling down the shower curtain?

This project is a kind of internal research project about the memories of certain domestic moments in everyday life, moments of which we’re not usually aware. They could be memories of our childhood, like falling asleep in front of the TV or spending Christmas with the people we love. They are also the facts that make up who we actually are, how much we learn, where we go, and how our physical living space is a reflection of our personalities….

all those ‘hidden’ elements quietly moving in the interiors of our inner ‘apartments’.

Darko Dragicevic